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Take control of your financial situation with our convenient short-term lending options. Peace of mind is closer than you think!

The Best Solutions from a Trusted Resource

After looking for a short-term loan and being unable to find adequate information, we established Fast Pay Cash Loans. Part of the problem may be that lending companies try to rush applicants into filling out their forms - while dodging questions, like "How much will my loan cost?" and "Do I need a fax machine to get money?" We found that it was sometimes impossible to find the information we wanted without first finishing the application.

Fast Pay Cash Loans Can Help You Take Control

Perhaps the first thing to think about may be to decide which type of cash solution is right for you. This is where you can trust us to help you distinguish important differences. Remember, there are generally two popular types of short-term advances to consider. One kind is issued from your credit card company. These are commonly referred to as credit card cash advances. You can instantly write yourself a check for the amount of money you need. These are provided to you as "convenience checks." You may periodically receive them from your creditors. Writing yourself a check without filling out any application is considered a bonus by many. However, the convenience of this type of cash loan comes with a hefty price tag - there is a high interest rate that increases monthly until its paid off in full.

Payday Lending Info and the Best Solutions

The other common short-term loan is known as a payday advance. These function by granting you up to $500 (sometimes more), usually within 24 hours. The arrangement is that you will repay the amount borrowed and their flat-rate fee when your next paycheck is issued. These types of advances, also, come at a price. These payday advances will range in cost from $30 to $100 or more, depending on the amount you need. In many cases, there are no credit checks. This makes this type of loan attractive to folks who have a checkered credit history or do not have any collateral. Conversely, a minority of lenders will calculate risk. The theory is that you can avoid incurring debt from this type of lender due to the arrangements that are made in advance to repay it on or around the time of your next scheduled payday.

Weighing Your Options and Choosing Correctly

We want you to weigh your options carefully, when deciding on the right type of short-term, unsecured financial solution. If you need funds immediately and want access to that them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, then our network of trusted lenders may be the right match for you. Most of the products offered by our lending partners are easy to qualify for online. Depending on your criteria, you can get your http://www.largecashloans.com/#advance online without having to visit a brick and mortar location on the other side of town. The need for speed usually wins and consumers are flocking to their computers or mobile devices in droves to get the money they need that much quicker. Or, if you have the credit and opt for filling out one of the "convenience checks" your creditors send you, that is always a healthy alternative, despite the high interest. However, not all of us have credit enough to receive these types of checks. This is when you can turn to the short-term lending industry and receive approval without being subject to the hassles that are associated with other options. Use our informative financial guide to learn more so that you can make the right decision when faced with an urgent need for cash. We are confident you will be able to solve your looming money problems with little effort!
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